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The Mountain Equipment Glacier 700 Sleeping Bag is warm and generously sized. It is well suited to those heading on longer tent-based treks and those seeking out higher  passes. It features a Drilite® Loft™ II outer shell which is lightweight, breathable and water resistant.

Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube.




  • DRILITE® LOFT™ II outer shell is lightweight, breathable and water resistant
  • 699g of 90-10 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 700
  • Mountain fit is both spacious and thermally efficient
  • Trapezoid baffles and slanted box-wall baffles
  • Mid-level side seams
  • 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood
  • 6 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box
  • Full length Gemini™ zip baffle and integrated collar with Lode Lock™ closure
  • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube


Regular Long
Weight 1250g / 44oz 1310g / 46oz
Packed Size 30cm x 22cm x 20 cm
Good Night's Sleep Temperature -15°C/5°F
Material 100% Polyamide outer/inner, Down fill

Detail Shots

Trapezoid 15:11 baffles are used in the topside of the Glacier bags, a more efficient profile. With less steeply angled side walls, this profile uses less internal stripping to remove bulk and weight. Ideal for weight-saving mountaineers who still want a very thermally-efficient construction method.
Their Lode Lock collar closure with its auto-locating closure combines all the advantages of a magnetic fastener with those of a mechanical lock. Its one-handed quick release closure uses magnets to draw the locking mechanism together and ensure that once connected it cannot be accidentally opened. 
A five-baffle hood that provides high levels of down control, low weight and excellent insulation. Its roominess imparts excellent versatility and, combined with the easy-run dual tether draw cords, superb comfort.
A six-baffle foot piece, their most advanced design, and featuring both Mountain Equipments Bulls Eye Technology and offset Sharks Toe foot construction. Its highly sophisticated baffle system maximises thermal efficiency for the coldest and most demanding environments, ensuring warm feet night after night.

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Glacier Sleeping Bags

Developed specifically to be best in class they offer true all-round performance and protection for unreliable conditions. Whether you are on a 3-week tent-based trek in the Himalaya, hauling a pulk across the Greenland icecap or mountaineering in the Cascades there is a Glacier bag for almost every mountain and cold weather adventure.

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Sleeping Bag Good Night's Sleep Rating
Glacier Expedition -35°C/-31°F
Glacier Expedition Women's -35°C/-31°F
Glacier 1000 -25°C/-13°F
Glacier 1000 Women's -21°C/-6°F
Glacier 700 -15°C/5°F
Glacier 700 Women's -13°C/9°F
Glacier 450 -9°C/16°F
Glacier 450 Women's -8°C/18°F
Glacier 300 -1°C/30°F
Glacier 300 Women's -1°C/30°F